QGIS on the Road: Episode IV – A New Hope

Maya is coming back with a lot of new ideas, demanding more QGIS power. Since she has received plenty of great feedback on honey from hives located at certain spots, she wants to have full overview over the whole area now.

QGIS on the Road: Episode III – Attack of the Destructor

After Maya realizes that many of her beehives have been infected by severe diseases she needs to act quickly to get an overview of the situation. She grabs some friends and tablets and launches QField to map the situation. After assessing the results with advanced configuration of the attribute table she is ready to choose the right measures and do a precise intervention. And of course, this precise intervention is accompanied with a visualization that is on fire.

QGIS on the Road II – The Rise of the Hives

After analysing the area, Maya now has more hives in the forest. She will locate them using a GPS and import the data through a GPX file. She will then use her advanced knowledge of QGIS symbology capabilities to produce beautiful and meaningful maps.

QGIS on the Road: Episode I – The GIS Awakens

This summer we went on tour with what turned out to be an extremely popular event: QGIS on the Road Telling the most remarkable story of Maya the beekeeper building her honey business and fighting against seemingly hopeless challenges with the help of QGIS functionality you probably never heard of. Now, as the nights get […]

QField 1.2 released

After an intensive testing period, we are proud to announce the release of QField 1.2 As usual, get it on play store or download it from GitHub. QField Crowdfunding Campaign Before digging into all the new goodness that you will find in QField 1.2, let’s get some big „Thanks“ out. What QField currently is was […]

QField Tag 2019

12 . November 2019 13:40 in Bern, Teilnahme kostenlos, Anmeldung erforderlich QField ist eine hochkonfigurierbare App zur Datenerfassung im Feld. Sie ist perfekt integriert in das führende Open Source GIS QGIS. Es ist uns eine Freude, Sie zum ersten QField Tag in Bern einladen zu können. An diesem Tag werden Sie die Möglichkeit haben, zu […]

Back from FOSS4G 2019

It’s been almost 2 weeks since FOSS4G 2019 has crossed the finishing line. And it was a truly inspiring event with many participants from all cultures and interests. We do not need to repeat that the local organizers did a great job. That we had an awesome night in a truly impressive parliament building. That […]

QGIS on the road

Wir freuen, dieses Jahr die QGIS on the road Tour mit fünf Gratisanlässen in der ganzen Schweiz durchführen zu können. Bern 24.09.19 13:40 (Deutsch) Luzern 22.10.19 13:40 (Deutsch) Bellinzona 14.05.19 14:10 (Italienisch) Zürich 21.05.19 13:40 (Deutsch) Lausanne 28.05.19 13:40 (Französisch) Durch die Geschichte von Maya Mielina, einer pensionierten GIS Spezialistin und passionierten Bienenzüchterin, präsentieren Ihnen […]

Win a QField jump-start package, use #MyQField

Do you want to win a QField jump-start package worth 550€? We are launching the #MyQField challenge. Follow us on Twitter and show us how you use @QFieldForQGIS by tagging your tweets with #MyQField and #dataisoutside. The tweet with most likes and retweets by 24.4.19 wins the training! Rules You need to follow @OPENGISch and […]

Plugin for tracking QGIS project files in git

We often have QGIS project files that are part of a customer project. To be able to manage versions of these project files or have multiple people working on it, they are managed inside a git repository. This is however not easy, because with every save of a project file, thousands of lines change, even […]