What makes us special?

Open-source experts

We are core developers, senior architects, full stack ninjas and GIS wizards. We love open-source and are committed to the sustainable growth of the tools we work on.

 Swiss made

Swiss made

Our mission is to offer to each of our partners products and services that live up to the famous Swiss values of quality, reliability and precision. Guaranteed and ISO 9001:2015 certified

No vendor lock-in

Don't let vendor lock-in limit your IT agility.
Take complete control and ownership over the developed software while keeping a low TCO.

Agile processes

Our vast experience in open-source technologies combined with our agile and distributed nature will help you quickly implement your envisioned solution.

Guaranteed support

We care about you and your deployments.
We take support and maintenance extremely seriously and offer different SLA to suit you needs.

In your language - near you

With a multilingual team distributed across Switzerland we are never too far to come and fix your problems in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Romansh.

We are Swiss-made full-stack GeoNinjas. We offer a personalised service around your geodata solutions needs and support contracts with SLAs.
Our vast experience in open-source technologies combined with our agile and distributed nature will help you quickly implement your envisioned solution with a low TCO, no vendor lock-in and complete control over the developed software.

At OPENGIS.ch we are completely dedicated to using and developing open-source tools for a wide variety of reasons. The most important one being that we are convinced that it is for the best for our customers because of the flexibility, scalability and the future-proof nature of open-source concepts. We offer installation support, training, consultancy, maintenance and tailor suited development for your open geospatial stack. We speak English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Romansh.

We look forward to working with you on your next project.

What do we do

We are here to help you set up your spatial data infrastructure based on seamlessly integrated desktop, web and mobile components. We support your team in planning, developing, deploying and running your infrastructure.
Custom developments

Custom developments

QGIS | QField | PostGIS | Django | Docker

Are you planning a new geodata infrastructure? We can help you build and deploy your complete Geodata infrastructure or smaller parts of it depending on your needs.

Support and maintenance

Support and maintenance

Support with SLA for your SDI

Developing and deploying a great open-source solution is only half of the work. We deeply care about you and your deployments and this is why we take support and maintenance extremely seriously.

Training and consulting

Training and consulting

We help you build your capacity

Our experienced and multilingual team is always ready to help you plan and improve the next steps and build up your in-house knowledge.



Core development | plugins | workflows

We are among the main core committers of QGIS and know it inside-out. We can help you optimizing your workflows, build you plugins or modify QGIS itself.



Seamless field work

QFieldCloud's unique technology allows your team to focus on what's important, making sure you efficiently get the best possible field data to your office.



Mobile geodata collection app

We are the creators of QField, the solution for field data collection and validation. We can help you get started or build you a custom app based on QField libraries.

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Our GeoNinjas

Thanks to our senior geodata infrastructure experts, QGIS core developers and the makers of the mobile data acquisition solution QField, OPENGIS.ch has all it takes to make your project a success.

Marco Bernasocchi – Mr. Multitaski

CEO · Co-founder

Outgoing, flexible and open, Marco fluently speaks five languages. The best thing: He not only knows how to say it but also knows what he is talking about!

Matthias Kuhn – Mr. Noproblemo

CTO · Co-founder

There are no QGIS problems for Matthias - only more or less difficult tasks. He solves them sustainably and farsightedly with visionary ideas. And not just since yesterday …

David Signer – Mr. Inspirato

Coordinator Modelling & Interlis systems

What does creativity have in common with software development? David Signer. He thinks cleverly and works in a structured manner, writes meticulous formulas or eloquent texts and, as an exception, confirms the rule.

Denis Rouzaud – Mr. Technico

Coordinator QGIS and industry solutions

He speaks programming languages, thinks spatially and manages Linux servers like pieces of cake. If he didn't have such a high level of social skills, you could think of him as a robot.

Lucie Nicolier - Ms. Interoperata

GIS expert

The experienced geomatics engineer comes from western Switzerland and is world class. She knows the geo industry and masters GIS problems from arcs to z-values!

Ivan Ivanov - Mr. Remoto

Senior developer

Finishing his master's in Spatial Engineering at University of Twente in the Netherlands, Ivan decided to join OPENGIS.ch Ninjas to get some serious open-source GIS exposure.

Fabian Binder - Mr. Nebulato

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Atmospheric scientist by formation, full-stacker by passion. When not designing beautiful WebGIS JS frontends, Fabian loves unchanining his hands into Django...

Damiano Lombardi - Mr. Automato


Linda Indra-Camathias - Ms. Satellitata


Mathieu Pellerin - Mr. Ordinato

UX/UI Expert

Zsanett Medvei - Ms. Allroundata


Clemens Rudert - Mr. Specificato


Anna Randegger - Ms. Organisata

Backoffice & accounting

Mirjam Nufer - Ms. Isobarata

Project manager

Isabel Kiefer - Ms. Ambientata

PostGIS & QGIS Expert

Chantal Widmer - Ms. Numerata

Accounting advisor
Ben Koch

Ben Koch

Backend Developer

Johnny Sequeira

Support specialist
Didier Dupertuis

Didier Dupertuis


Michael Schmuki



Latest news and tech suggestions live from your favourite team

Snappy QField 3.1 “Borneo” has arrived

Snapping to common angles, revert individual vertex manipulations, select vertices using finger tapping on the screen, geofenced geometry editing and much more. QField 3.1 is here!

New QGIS Courses dates for 2024

We published our new dates for all courses in 2024 and are looking forward to your participation 🙂 You can find all course information by clicking on the corresponding link

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