PyQGIS Kurs am 27.11. / 4.12. 2020 in Bern

Der Kurs richtet sich an fortgeschrittene QGIS Anwender, die ihre Fähigkeiten durch die Benutzung von Python verbessern wollen . In diesem Kurs werden verschiedene Möglichkeiten erörtert, mit Hilfe der Python API mit QGIS zu interagieren sowie einfache graphische Oberflächen mit PyQt zu implementieren.Die folgenden Themen werden behandelt: Benutzung der Python Konsole in QGIS Interaktion mit dem Anwender mit Hilfe von Buttons und anderen graphischen Elementen Einführung in die Plugininfrastruktur Erstellen eines Verarbeitungswerkzeugalgorithms (Processing) Erstellen von Read more…

QField 1.6 is out!

Editing multiple features at the same time, support for stylus pens, dynamic configuration of image names and much more.QField 1.6 Qinling 秦岭 comes packed with awesome new features and an improved user experience. We have been very busy over the last few months working on a new and shiny QField release. We have added many new features that increase efficiency on the field or allow for new workflows. In parallel, we have also been working Read more…

Generate DXF on QGIS server

Everyone knows QGIS is on the desktop and mobile devices. Many know QGIS is on the web with QGIS server through OGC services. Some know QGIS server has its own extension to generate PDFs. But did you know that QGIS server can also produce DXF files? DXF DXF files are mainly used for interchanging CAD drawings, vector geometries with styles and attributes. With a couple of compromises, these files can be imported and exported to Read more…

Offline WMS – Benchmarking raster formats for QField

What are we looking for? We would like to use WMS offline on QField. For that, we need to figure out what is the best way to get a raster from a WMS and which format is the most efficient (size and performance). In this post we’ll show you is how to generate the ideal raster file from a WMS and the results of our efficiency tests for the the different raster formats. WMS to Read more…

Marco becomes Chair

We’ve always been dedicated to QGIS’ well-being, supporting it with countless hours of work.
Today we are very proud to announce that our Commitment has grown even more as our CEO @mbernasocchi was elected Chair of the association.

Plugin Manager improvement

During the 2020 Swiss QGIS Users Group annual meeting, a proposal to improve the plugin manager was accepted to improve QGIS’ plugin manager. Starting with version 3.14, it will be possible to choose whether to install the stable or the experimental version of individual plugins. This feature will greatly improve the workflow between developers and users of a plugin. Users will be able to easily switch between the stable version used in production, and the Read more…

Cours QGIS avancé, Online 13/14.5.2020

Le cours est sur 2 jours (9:00 – 17:00) via Zoom et coûte 850 CHF par personne. Un enseignant pour un maximum de 6 personnes et 2 enseignants pour 7 à 12 personnes. Description A l’issue de ce cours, les participants seront capables de mettre en œuvre des projets complexes avec QGIS. Ils connaîtront les caractéristiques des divers formats de données tels que Postgis et GeoPackage, ils pourront configurer des flux de travail pour le Read more…

Cours QGIS de base, Online 06/07.05.2020

Le cours est sur 2 jours (9:00 – 17:00) via Zoom et coûte 850 CHF par personne. Un enseignant pour un maximum de 6 personnes et 2 enseignants pour 7 à 12 personnes. Description À l’issue de ce cours, les participants connaîtront les principales fonctions de QGIS Desktop, logiciel open source SIG et seront capables d’importer et d’analyser des données, de créer une carte avec une mise en page professionnelle et de saisir des objets Read more…

Marco Bernasocchi – Mr. Multitaski

CEO · Co-founder

Outgoing, flexible and open, Marco fluently speaks five languages. The best thing: He not only knows how to say it but also knows what he is talking about!

Matthias Kuhn – Mr. Noproblemo

CTO · Co-founder

There are no QGIS problems for Matthias - only more or less difficult tasks. He solves them sustainably and farsightedly with visionary ideas. And not just since yesterday …

Mario Baranzini - Mr. Endurato

Coordinator Web Applications and Infrastructure

Continually developing and learning new technologies is part of his daily routine. Complex QGIS problems are everyday life for him - and solve them too!

David Signer – Mr. Inspirato

Coordinator QField and Interlis Systems

What does creativity have in common with software development? David Singer. He thinks cleverly and works in a structured manner, writes meticulous formulas or eloquent texts and, as an exception, confirms the rule.

Denis Rouzaud – Mr. Technico

Coordinator QGIS and industry solutions

He speaks programming languages, thinks spatially and manages Linux servers like pieces of cake. If he didn't have such a high level of social skills, you could think of him as a robot.

Olivier Dalang – Mr. Tuttomondo

Senior Developer

He led GIS projects in Europe and Africa and worked as a geospatial consultant in Fiji. Now the man of the world and experienced GIS expert also work for On a long journey together!

Lucie Nicolier - Ms. Interoperata

GIS expert

The experienced geomatics engineer comes from western Switzerland and is world class. She knows the geo industry and masters GIS problems from arcs to z-values!