New QGIS Courses dates Spring 2022

We published our new dates for this springs QGIS online courses. German: QGIS_Einsteigerkurs, Zürich 26.4./03.05.2022, fully booked – next course autumn 2022 QGIS_Fortgeschrittenenkurs, Zürich 10.05./17.05.2022, next course autumn 2022 French: Cours_de_base, Lausanne 25.04./02.05.2022, cancelled – next course autumn 2022 Cours_avancé, Lausanne 16.05./23.05.2022, fully booked – next course autumn 2022 Italian: Corso_di_base, Bellinzona 27.04./04.05.2022, next course autumn 2022 Corso_avanzato, Bellinzona 18.05./25.05.2022, cancelled – next course autumn 2022 The courses last two days (9:00 a.m. – 5:00 Read more…

QField collected data crucial in disaster relief after Tonga’s volcanic eruption

For once, it’s not an app from the Silicon Valley, but from Laax in the Swiss Alps that made the news. By publishing QField as an open-source app, allows companies, organisations and even countries without the necessary financial means to have the opportunity to benefit from this important data collection app. And it is being used: Over half a million downloads have already been achieved. Now, since the volcanic eruption in Tonga on 15 January 2022, the app of the small Laax-based company is playing a not-unimportant role in disaster response planning. 

Model Baker 6.7 – Noch nie war’s so einfach

Den QGIS Model Baker gibt’s ja schon lange. Vor mehr als vier Jahren kam die Version 1.0.0 heraus – damals noch unter dem Namen QGIS Project Generator. Seither ist viel geschehen. Und speziell in diesem Jahr ist viel betreffend Benutzbarkeit gegangen. Der UsabILIty Hub ist integriert, Baskets und Datasets werden unterstützt und dank eines Wizards verliert sich der Benutzer nicht mehr in Konfigurationen und Dialogen. Dieser Blogeintrag beginnt mit kurzen Einführung in Model Baker und Read more…

New QGIS Courses dates Autumn 2021

We published our new dates for this Autumn’s QGIS online courses. German: QGIS Einsteigerkurs (23./30.11.2021) French Cours de base (09/16.11.2021) Cours avancé (24/30.11.2021) Italian Corso di base Presto disponibile Corso avanzato Presto disponibile The courses last two days (9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.) and cost 990 CHF per person. As we limit our instructor to participant ratio to a maximum of 6 participants for one instructor and two instructors for 7 to 12 participants. The courses will be held Read more…

QField 1.10 Uluru: Faster, Better, Stronger

While’s GeoNinjas are busy getting QFieldCloud ready for primetime, it has not kept them away from concocting a brand new feature-packed QField 1.10 “Uluru”. Most users will find something to fall in love with in this release. From an improved feature form to new digitizing functionalities and quality of live updates. Major feature form improvements QField’s feature form has received lots of attention during this development cycle. Its user interface and stability have greatly Read more…

QField git history

QFieldCloud now opensource – Happy 10 Years of field mapping with QGIS

Today, on QField’s 10th anniversary, we’re extremely proud to publish the results of over 18 months of development and give you the source code of QFieldCloud to go and make your awesome adaptations, solutions, and hopefully contributions 🙂 If you want to quickly try it out, head to where our hosted solution is running and secure yourself a spot in the beta program. QFieldCloud’s unique technology allows your team to focus on what’s important, making Read more…

Marco Bernasocchi – Mr. Multitaski

CEO · Co-founder

Outgoing, flexible and open, Marco fluently speaks five languages. The best thing: He not only knows how to say it but also knows what he is talking about!

Matthias Kuhn – Mr. Noproblemo

CTO · Co-founder

There are no QGIS problems for Matthias - only more or less difficult tasks. He solves them sustainably and farsightedly with visionary ideas. And not just since yesterday …

Mario Baranzini - Mr. Endurato

Coordinator Web Applications and Infrastructure

Continually developing and learning new technologies is part of his daily routine. Complex QGIS problems are everyday life for him - and solve them too!

David Signer – Mr. Inspirato

Coordinator QField and Interlis Systems

What does creativity have in common with software development? David Signer. He thinks cleverly and works in a structured manner, writes meticulous formulas or eloquent texts and, as an exception, confirms the rule.

Denis Rouzaud – Mr. Technico

Coordinator QGIS and industry solutions

He speaks programming languages, thinks spatially and manages Linux servers like pieces of cake. If he didn't have such a high level of social skills, you could think of him as a robot.

Olivier Dalang – Mr. Tuttomondo

Senior Developer

He led GIS projects in Europe and Africa and worked as a geospatial consultant in Fiji. Now the man of the world and experienced GIS expert also work for On a long journey together!

Lucie Nicolier - Ms. Interoperata

GIS expert

The experienced geomatics engineer comes from western Switzerland and is world class. She knows the geo industry and masters GIS problems from arcs to z-values!

Ivan Ivanov - Mr. Remoto

Senior developer

Finishing his master's in Spatial Engineering at University of Twente in the Netherlands, Ivan decided to join Ninjas to get some serious open-source GIS exposure.

Fabian Binder - Mr. Nebulato

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Atmospheric scientist by formation, full-stacker by passion. When not designing beautiful WebGIS JS frontends, Fabian loves unchanining his hands into Django...

Damiano Lombardi - Mr. Automato


Linda Indra-Camathias - Ms. Satellitata


Robert Pupel - Mr. Reticulato

DevOps & Kubernetes Expert

Mathieu Pellerin - Mr. Ordinato

UX/UI Expert

Zsanett Medvei - Ms. Allroundata


Clemens Rudert - Mr. Specificato