QGIS Fortgeschrittenenkurs Online, 29/30.04.2020

Der Kurs dauert zwei Tage (9:00 – 17:00 Uhr) via Zoom und kostet 850 CHF pro Person. Ein Lehrer für maximal 6 Personen und zwei Lehrer für 7 bis 12 Personen. Beschreibung Nach Abschluss dieses Kurses sind die Teilnehmenden in der Lage komplexe Projekte mit QGIS umzusetzen. Sie kennen Eigenschaften von verschiedenen Datenformaten wie Postgis und GeoPackage, sind fähig Workflows zur Geodatenverarbeitung mit Verarbeitungswerkzeugen zu konfigurieren, Publikationen mittels Drucklayouts zu erstellen, Interlis Daten zu im-/exportieren Read more…

QGIS Einsteigerkurs Online, 22/23.04.2020

Der Kurs dauert 2 Tage (9:00 – 17:00 Uhr) via Zoom und kostet 850 CHF pro Person. Ein Lehrer für maximal 6 Personen und 2 Lehrer für 7 bis 12 Personen. Beschreibung Nach Abschluss des Kurses kennen die Teilnehmer die wichtigsten Funktionen von Open Source GIS QGIS Desktop, können Daten importieren, analysieren, eine Karte mit professionellem Layout erstellen sowie Objekte mit Attributen und Vektorgeometrien erfassen. Programm 1. Tag Einführung Über das QGIS-Projekt Vorstellung des Graphischen Read more…

QField 1.4 released – Happy new year

What a years’ start! After a very packed December publishing all the QGIS on the road videos and quietly releasing QField 1.3 – Ben Nevis we could have gone and relaxed over the holidays. But since we love QField so much we immediately started working on the next iteration. Now, after an intensive testing period, we are proud to announce the release of QField 1.4 – Olavtoppen

QGIS on the Road: Episode III – Attack of the Destructor

After Maya realizes that many of her beehives have been infected by severe diseases she needs to act quickly to get an overview of the situation. She grabs some friends and tablets and launches QField to map the situation. After assessing the results with advanced configuration of the attribute table she is ready to choose the right measures and do a precise intervention. And of course, this precise intervention is accompanied with a visualization that is on fire.

QGIS on the Road: Episode I – The GIS Awakens

This summer we went on tour with what turned out to be an extremely popular event: QGIS on the Road Telling the most remarkable story of Maya the beekeeper building her honey business and fighting against seemingly hopeless challenges with the help of QGIS functionality you probably never heard of. Now, as the nights get longer and the bees disappear into their winter cluster, we don’t want to withhold it from you and finally publish Read more…

Marco Bernasocchi – Mr. Multitaski

CEO · Co-founder

Outgoing, flexible and open, Marco fluently speaks five languages. The best thing: He not only knows how to say it but also knows what he is talking about!

Matthias Kuhn – Mr. Noproblemo

CTO · Co-founder

There are no QGIS problems for Matthias - only more or less difficult tasks. He solves them sustainably and farsightedly with visionary ideas. And not just since yesterday …

Mario Baranzini - Mr. Endurato

Coordinator Web Applications and Infrastructure

Continually developing and learning new technologies is part of his daily routine. Complex QGIS problems are everyday life for him - and solve them too!

David Signer – Mr. Inspirato

Coordinator QField and Interlis Systems

What does creativity have in common with software development? David Singer. He thinks cleverly and works in a structured manner, writes meticulous formulas or eloquent texts and, as an exception, confirms the rule.

Denis Rouzaud – Mr. Technico

Coordinator QGIS and industry solutions

He speaks programming languages, thinks spatially and manages Linux servers like pieces of cake. If he didn't have such a high level of social skills, you could think of him as a robot.

Olivier Dalang – Mr. Tuttomondo

Senior Developer

He led GIS projects in Europe and Africa and worked as a geospatial consultant in Fiji. Now the man of the world and experienced GIS expert also work for opengis.ch. On a long journey together!

Lucie Nicolier - Ms. Interoperata

GIS expert

The experienced geomatics engineer comes from western Switzerland and is world class. She knows the geo industry and masters GIS problems from arcs to z-values!