QGIS and QField are very popular because they are extremely powerful, flexible and stable and can be used without having to worry about licenses or vendor lock-in.

A wide range of service providers offer know-how. Professional support for consulting, system integration and implementation new functionalities is always just around the corner.

So why should OPENGIS.ch be your first choice for your QGIS and QField support contracts?

Because besides being absolute QGIS and QField experts and making sure your projects are a success, our support contracts include our QGIS and QField sustainability initiative and thus help the ecosystem to grow sustainably.

The initiative

We have launched the QGIS and QField sustainability initiative to allow us to invest time in hidden tasks that are necessary to deliver a stable and reliable software like QGIS is.

For every support contract of more than 10 days, we donate days to the initiative. In addition, all unused hours at the end of the year of each contract are also donated to the initiative.

Tasks like the ones below are often underestimated and require a lot of time. By buying our support contract you help enable a long-term and sustainable development of QGIS and QField ecosystem.


Any change to a software carries the risk of unintentionally introducing unwanted side effects. Likewise, some problems surface only with time and intensive use.

QGIS publishes monthly stability updates in which various problems are solved. The QGIS and QField sustainability initiative ensures that more critical bugs can be fixed in each of these.

Code Reviews

New functionalities are regularly proposed for QGIS and QField, in part by experienced and well-known developers, in part by new developers. Before entering QGIS‘ or QField’s code-base, these contributions need to be reviewed by other experienced developers to assure they meet the required quality standards.

The QGIS and QField sustainability initiative ensures that important code can be integrated with confidence and new developers are onboarded in a timely manner.

Codebase Q / A

The core of QGIS is a complex component that has to be constantly maintained. This is key to QGIS meeting current technological requirements, stability and ease of code maintenance.

The QGIS and QField sustainability initiative helps the core of QGIS to keep up with modern technological requirements.

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