Make open-source GIS the de-facto industry standard by continuously pushing its high-quality products and bleeding-edge technologies.


We develop, deploy and maintain visionary solutions to create value for our customers.

Through efficient practices and iterative feedback loops, we make sure to exceed customer expectations and win them as open-source GIS ambassadors.

Your project, our passion


Give back: We live from opensource projects and thus are deeply committed to sustaining their technological and economical well-being.

Love nature: We are outdoors enthusiasts and care about our playground. Through working 100% remotely we avoid useless commuting, whenever possible we travel by public transportation to our clients, when we have to fly we compensate our flights and we are moving all our servers to CO2 neutral hosters.

Reduce Inequalities: we believe everyone should have access to the best possible tools and knowledge. By committing ourselves to develop open-source applications we give everyone access to powerful tools to plan, review and mitigate geospatial issues.

Our team – our hearth: Since its inception, has been all about allowing its team to strive for their perfect work-life balance by allowing everyone to organise working hours and location in harmony with their lives.