Verbesserung des Plugin Managers

An der QGIS Generalversammlung 2020 hat die QGIS Anwendergruppe Schweiz den Förderantrag zur Verbesserung des Plugin Managers gutgeheissen. Darum wird es ab der Version 3.14 möglich sein, pro Plugin zu entscheiden, ob die stabile oder die experimentelle Version installiert werden soll. Diese Funktionalität erlaubt es, die Zusammenarbeit zwischen Entwicklern und Read more…

QField 1.4 released – Happy new year

What a years‘ start! After a very packed December publishing all the QGIS on the road videos and quietly releasing QField 1.3 – Ben Nevis we could have gone and relaxed over the holidays. But since we love QField so much we immediately started working on the next iteration. Now, after an intensive testing period, we are proud to announce the release of QField 1.4 – Olavtoppen

QGIS on the Road: Episode III – Attack of the Destructor

After Maya realizes that many of her beehives have been infected by severe diseases she needs to act quickly to get an overview of the situation. She grabs some friends and tablets and launches QField to map the situation. After assessing the results with advanced configuration of the attribute table she is ready to choose the right measures and do a precise intervention. And of course, this precise intervention is accompanied with a visualization that is on fire.