QGis plugins: Multiview and ScattergramIdentify

hi All, If you deal with multivariate, multitemporal and cyclic raster data you might find interesting my multiview plugin. See screenshot of what can be done in terms of different visualizations below. The code still has some minor glitches but it is very well usable (and stable). As well here there is an improved version of scattergramm plugin that allows you to select points (or clusters on the scattergramm and have them plotted on your Read more…

PyQT signals with arguments

so , here a snippet on how to use the different types of signals in PyQt: connect a signal from C++ QObject.connect(self.sender, SIGNAL(„signalName( Arg1TYPE, Arg2TYPE )“), self.slot) connect a signal from Python QObject.connect(self.sender, SIGNAL(„signalName“ ), self.slot ) emit a signal in Python self.emit( SIGNAL( „signalName“ ), arg1, arg2 ) emit a signal in c++ emit signalName( arg1, arg2 ); more: http://www.eurion.net/python-snippets/snippet/Connecting%20signals%20and%20slots.html

QGis Globe Plugin installer script

Lately, thanks to ma Master Thesis, I’ve been co-working on the Globe Plugin for QGis here my install script for a threaded version of QGis with the Globe Plugin. By now the Globe has stereo 3D support, keyboard navigation (try all the num key), mouse navigation, a gui to control the globe and datasets can be inported configuring the .earth file. Today I’ll start implementing a dialog to add data without the need of the Read more…

Ubuntu 10.10 maverick meerkat on eeepc 1005 HA

WOW, today I realized that Ubuntu 10.10 maverick meerkat was out and that I missed it by couple of days… bad me!!! (btw you have to select „normal updates“ instead of „long term release“ in your update manager’s settings). After the update my little eeepc lookt great, and everything worked out of the box without installing a tray control (including wifi, webcam, sound, hotkeys, performance modes, ecc)!!! Great Job guys and the new unity theme Read more…

MySql World Database as YAML fixture

For Symfony application I’m developing I needed all the Region separated by continent (7 continents model). I converted the MySql World Database (http://dev.mysql.com/doc/world-setup/en/world-setup.html) to a YAML NestedSet fixture file. I just had to make 4 minor changes to it: – rename the 3 continents that had region with the same name name (North America, South America, Antarctica) – rename the Micronesia/Caribbean region to Micronesia-Caribbean. thats‘ all, enjoy the file Region.yml Marco

eeepc 1005HA-H on its way

Yesterday I ordered a netbook, the asus eeepc 1005HA-H, today it arrived at my girlfriend’s place and she will bring it to Borneo (hence to me) next week. As soon as I get it i’ll get rid of the installed WinXp and install UNR (Ubuntu Netbook Remix). I’ll post the results here… ciao UPDATE: it works like a charm with 9.10

Marco Bernasocchi – Mr. Multitaski

CEO · Co-founder

Kontaktfreudig, flexibel und offen unterhält er sich wahlweise in fünf Sprachen fliessend. Das Beste: Er weiss nicht nur wie man es sagt, sondern auch ganz genau wovon er spricht!

Matthias Kuhn – Mr. Noproblemo

CTO · Co-founder

Für ihn gibt es keine QGIS Probleme ­– nur schwierigere oder weniger schwierige Aufgaben. Die löst er mit visionären Ideen nachhaltig und weitsichtig. Und das nicht erst seit gestern…

Mario Baranzini - Mr. Endurato

Coordinator Web Applications and Infrastructure

Sich ständig weiterzuentwickeln und neue Technologien dazuzulernen, das gehört für ihn zur Tagesordnung. Komplexe QGIS Probleme sind für ihn nämlich Alltag – und sie zu lösen auch!

David Signer – Mr. Inspirato

Coordinator QField and Interlis Systems

What does creativity have in common with software development? David Signer. He thinks cleverly and works in a structured manner, writes meticulous formulas or eloquent texts and, as an exception, confirms the rule.

Denis Rouzaud – Mr. Technico

Coordinator QGIS and industry solutions

Er spricht Programmiersprache, denkt räumlich und verwaltet Linux-Server aus dem Effeff. Hätte er nicht so eine ausgeprägte Sozialkompetenz, könnte man ihn für einen Roboter halten …

Olivier Dalang – Mr. Tuttomondo

Senior Developer

Er leitete GIS-Projekte in Europa und Afrika und war als Geo-Berater auf Fidschi tätig. Jetzt arbeitet der Mann von Welt und erfahrene GIS-Experte auch für opengis.ch. Auf eine lange, gemeinsame Reise!

Lucie Nicolier - Ms. Interoperata

GIS expert

Die versierte Geomatik-Ingenieurin kommt aus der Westschweiz und hat Weltklasse. Sie kennt sich aus in der Geo-Branche und meistert GIS- Probleme von Arc bis Z – souverän und effektiv.

Ivan Ivanov - Mr. Remoto

Senior developer

Finishing his master's in Spatial Engineering at University of Twente in the Netherlands, Ivan decided to join OPENGIS.ch Ninjas to get some serious open-source GIS exposure.

Fabian Binder - Mr. Nebulato

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Atmospheric scientist by formation, full-stacker by passion. When not designing beautiful WebGIS JS frontends, Fabian loves unchanining his hands into Django...

Damiano Lombardi - Mr. Automato


Linda Indra-Camathias - Ms. Satellitata


Robert Pupel - Mr. Reticulato

DevOps & Kubernetes Expert

Mathieu Pellerin - Mr. Ordinato

UX/UI Expert

Zsanett Medvei - Ms. Allroundata


Clemens Rudert - Mr. Deployato