Hi I just managed to create an apk with al the resources needed by qgis. On the first runrun the application extracts this file to the proper location a thus the gui is now complete. This means as well that translations and crs databases now work properly. The gui works nice beside some small glitches. It is usefull to go under settings->general->icon size and set it to 32. The only inconvenient at the moment is that at the first startup the app shows a blackscreen while its copying the files for about 30 to 60sec so just be patient and remember that the whole app will takeup to 230mb (it installs on external storage by defaut). I tested th install on my transformer 3.2 and my galaxy 2.3.3and the install works flawless on both.
I wonder if this solves the „squares text problem“ also. Tomorrow i ll do a video and will post it.


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