So, it is over, after 3 months working on QGIS for android as a Google Summer of code project it is now time to wrap up what I did and didn’t do.
First of all a QGIS android app exists now and it has many features including:
– reading/writing projects
– raster support
– spatialite support
– wms support
– (apparent – untested) wfs and postgress support
– partial shape files support (string attributes still chrash the app)
– Fully functional gui (SymbologyV2 doesnt work yet)
– (all?) core C++ plugins beside globe (any takers? 😉
Further more I created a series of build scripts that make it easier to set up a dev environement.
Unfortunately I didnt manage to implement live GPS tracking and a larger gui optimisation, but all in all I’m very happy with the results and seeing that few peoples are already testing it. Soon ill publish a video.


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