Immediate donations

Pledges require creating an account (see below), If you do not want this, you can make an immediate donation. This will be charged immediately and is not refundable in case of the crowdfunding not being successful. It does in any case count toward the crowdfunding total. At step 1 of the checkout process, you can edit the total amount you want to donate.


All pledges are pre-orders and will be processed using Stripe once the crowdfunding is successful. To be able to do this our crowdfunding tool requires you to create a user account on and will ask you for a password for your account.

Pledge What You Want

if you want to pledge a different amount, our „Pledge What You Want“ functionality allows you to pledge any amount you want at checkout. Simply select the lower level and at step 1 of the check-out process, you can increase the total value to anything you want.

Preferred Stripe (Credit-cards)

For a seamless donation experience and to keep fees to the minimum we use stripe to process your credit card details.

Invoices and wire transfers

If your organisation prefers backing the project via wire transfers, we gladly send you written invoices for part of the crowdfunding effort and integrate it into the main effort. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any request.


If needed you can also use Paypal, but it has higher fees