QField enhancements

The initiative

QField is made with lots of love and passion, over the years at OPENGIS.ch we have committed an unimaginable amount of hours to make it the project you have grown to love and this makes us very proud!

At times we need to iron out some tedious bugs, solve major issues and give some love to all the CI infrastructure. Unfortunately, it is never easy to allocate free time for that, so we decided to start this initiative to fund some needed work.

We separated the initiative into a basic goal and three stretch goals so that the more you give the more we can do!

The goals

Goal 1: Native camera integration - 11000€

QField is currently relying on a custom implementation of a camera. We would like to integrate QField more tightly with the native android camera and gallery.
This crowdfunding aims at enhancing the QField user experience by allowing the following:

  • Take a picture using the native camera with following advantages
    • Best possible image quality
    • More functionality
    • Geotagged images
  • Select an existing image in the gallery (the image will then be copied to the DCIM folder where your QGIS project lies)
  • Name of photos configurable with expressions
  • Open the image of the QField form in an external app with the possibility to choose an image editor to modify and annotate an image after the shooting

Goal 2: Camera + 2 weeks of QField ♥ - 22000€

After focusing on the camera enhancements, one of our ninjas will invest 2 weeks fighting bugs

Goal 3: Camera + 4 weeks of QField ♥ - 33000€

After focusing on the camera enhancements, one of our ninjas will invest a total of 4 weeks fighting bugs and improving UI/UX

Goal 4: Camera + 3 months of QField ♥ - 100000€

If we reach this goal we will put one of our ninjas full time for a total of 3 months on QField. will include a major effort on bug fixing, lots of work on user experience and user interface as well as a nice update of the documentation.


Preferred Stripe (Credit-cards)

For a seamless donation experience and to keep fees to the minimum we use stripe to process your creditcard details.

Invoices and wire transfers

If your organisation prefers backing the project via wire transfers, we gladly send you written invoices for part of the crowdfunding effort and integrate it in the main effort. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any request.


If needed you can also use Paypal, but it has higher fees

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Stretch Goals

Camera + 2 weeks of QField ♥
Camera + 4 weeks of QField ♥
3 months of QField ♥

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