SpaceMouse in Ubuntu 15.04

While preparing some 3D scenes for an exibition I discovered the SpaceMouse by 3dconnexion. A neat device we plan on installing in front of a projected globe. To get it to run in Ubuntu first get the drivers from then sudo apt-get install libmotif3 mkdir -p /tmp/3D3dxware-linux cd /tmp/3D3dxware-linux cp ~/Downloads/3dxware-linux-v1-8-0.x86_64.tar.gz /tmp/3D3dxware-linux tar -xf […]

QGIS on Android using external GPS receivers

Thanks to FORNAT AG which sponsored me I could spend some time looking for solutions to make QGIS on android working with an external GPS receiver that sends NMEA strings. It all boils down to the following: via bluetooth works via USB not yet (as soon as I get more sponsoring or time I’ll look […]

Ubuntu 10.10 maverick meerkat on eeepc 1005 HA

WOW, today I realized that Ubuntu 10.10 maverick meerkat was out and that I missed it by couple of days… bad me!!! (btw you have to select „normal updates“ instead of „long term release“ in your update manager’s settings). After the update my little eeepc lookt great, and everything worked out of the box without […]

eeepc 1005HA-H on its way

Yesterday I ordered a netbook, the asus eeepc 1005HA-H, today it arrived at my girlfriend’s place and she will bring it to Borneo (hence to me) next week. As soon as I get it i’ll get rid of the installed WinXp and install UNR (Ubuntu Netbook Remix). I’ll post the results here… ciao UPDATE: it […]