This summer we went on tour with what turned out to be an extremely popular event: QGIS on the Road

Telling the most remarkable story of Maya the beekeeper building her honey business and fighting against seemingly hopeless challenges with the help of QGIS functionality you probably never heard of.

Now, as the nights get longer and the bees disappear into their winter cluster, we don’t want to withhold it from you and finally publish the first videos of Maya’s adventure.

We will publish one Episode each Tuesday and Thursday for three weeks so, stay tuned and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for all updates.

The GIS Awakens

After many years working as a GIS specialist in Zurich, Maya Mielina enjoys her retirement in the village of her childhood. She moves into her grandparents’ old house and remembers the good times with her grandmother, helping her making honey. Since she now has a lot of free time, she decides to devote herself to this long-standing passion of hers. Thanks to her extensive knowledge of GIS, she organizes her bees with the best GIS software available – QGIS. Maya shows us how to start with a new project and work with the relevant data.

We followed Maya right from the beginning of her business so the first functionalities showed might not knock your socks off. You can always skip those, but you’ll be missing out on the narrative.

And Action!

this episode has 10 videos that automatically start after each other so seat back and enjoy

We have taken care to create subtitles for all the videos so you can comfortably read Maya’s story in your favourite language. To enable the subtitles, just click on the CC button on the player.

Features shown in this episode

  • Loading WMS layers from the Swiss Geoportal with the help of QGIS Swiss Locator Plugin (in „Checking out the region“)
  • Creating of simple layer with on a Geopackage (in „Getting started with Geopackage“)
  • Autodetection of widget types (in „Maya’s first hives“)
  • Importing data and merge them from several files to one single Geopackage file with the help of the Package Layers Algorithm (in „Organizing geopackages“)
  • Import schema and data from an Interlis ILI and XTF file into the QGIS project (in „Importing governmental data“)

Coming Thursday on QGIS on the Road: The Rise of the Hives

After showing the basics of creating a new project, in the next episode of QGIS on the Road Maya will show you the import functionalities of GPS tracked data with the help of the Graphical Modeler, a lot of QGIS‘ labelling and styling possibilities and more.
So better stay tuned 🙂

If you enjoyed this episode, you can find all QGIS on the Road episodes at or even better, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for all updates.

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