Whenever you start QGIS you basically do it because?
Right, because you need to do GIS work. Ah, how I love rhetorical questions to start a post.
And most of the time one continues to work on a QGIS project which he has prepared before. For me 99% of the time, I start QGIS, move the mouse to the top left over „Project“ go to „Recent Projects“ and select the one I want. If I am lucky my hand is stable enough to hover „Recent Projects“ and not „New From Template“ which I actually never use.
No longer!
At OPENGIS.ch we just introduced a nice „Welcome Page“ to QGIS which lists the recently used projects. With a screenshot next to it!
That’s how my QGIS looks at start right now:
Screenshot from 2015-08-18 21-01-13
Instead of the filename it will show the project title if one is defined.
And you get some recent information about the QGIS project just next to it.
I would never want to miss this feature again.
… Coming soon to a QGIS near you …

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