QField app on Google Play

QField app

QField Karma edition app on Google Play

QField Karma edition app

QField Experimental is out, after a couple of months of requirements gathering, private early alpha testing and foremost tons of  emails requesting access to the testes group we decided today to put the current BETA version in the playstore. This means that from now on you can install QField just like any other android app by using the playstore.
It is important to remember that QField is still beta and thus it doesn’t have all the features we want yet. Notably, there is no digitizing, due to a bug in android, Android 5 (Lollipop) is currently not supported (android 4.3 and 4.4 are suggested) and for now you need to manually copy the projects and data from the desktop to your device.
QField is an Open Source project led by OPENGIS.ch LLC, more information, the source code and a possibility to donate to the project can be found on the QField page (preferred) or by buying the QField for QGIS Karma edition app.
Also if you need a specific feature, contact us to sponsor its development.


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