Hi all,
Good news this time 🙂 Instead of enjoying my weekend doing some wicked diving here in Indonesia, I decided to close myself indoor and get a (re)working vesion of qgis out. As some of you might have noticed or read in my previous post, the latest and greatest version of Qt for android breaks a fundamental part of QGIS, the second level menues.
So after some good nerdy-weekend hours here it is your shiny (again-) working qgis. There is nothing new code wise, it is still alpha7 but it works again 🙂
enjoy and for all those happy people that asked me to fix this, well you know how much a full Sunday with no diving 🙁 is worth and where my donate button is 😉
oh yes, and here is the file, you will have to uninstall the old qgis manually because I created this package on my laptop and not on the server, so it has a different signature. Please test this and let me know if it works for you and I’ll release it as alpha8.

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