Necessitas Beta1 "breaks" qgis on android – don't update

Hi all, it has been a while since my last post, and foremost QGIS on android release. I’m very sorry. I’ve been working hard on another project ( that toke up all my time since we just launched version 1.0. So now to the real problem, necessitas (the android Qt port) has had a sweet […]

Creating non-versioned shared libraries for android

While porting QGIS to android using necessitas I encountered the problem of versioned libs. Android does not support versioned libs and it is not going to. In the first vesions I used rpl -R -e « libqgis_core.sox00x00x00x00x00x00x00 » $APK_LIBS_DIR and similar hacks to remove the version from the libs. But it was rather hacky. Then I found […]

GSoC 2011 final report

So, it is over, after 3 months working on QGIS for android as a Google Summer of code project it is now time to wrap up what I did and didn’t do. First of all a QGIS android app exists now and it has many features including: – reading/writing projects – raster support – spatialite […]

QGIS Android works!

Just a quick screenshot to show that qgis on android is now a working reality. Tomorrow I’ll make a video and so on. The major missing thing now is reading shp files ad maybe spatialite… maybe tomorrow. Now it’s sunday 😉 Ciao test it now:

GSoC 2011 weekly report #12

See my last posts. In short I managed to get qgis packaged as an apk and to properly run with only one major problem. The map canvas is always black. I ll investigate this till Tuesday. Cheers

QGIS data providers and map canvas

After finishing with the gui(see previous post) i started testing the data providers.reading and writing shp files always ends in an app crash. Loading rasters, wms and gpx seems to work but the mapcanvas is never drawn. I have to investigate why. But probably it has to do with the draw used in qgis. The […]

QGIS on android has complete gui and supports translations

Hi I just managed to create an apk with al the resources needed by qgis. On the first runrun the application extracts this file to the proper location a thus the gui is now complete. This means as well that translations and crs databases now work properly. The gui works nice beside some small glitches. […]

QGIS on Android has a proper GUI

Today I managed to get QGIS to load all the icons, providers and plugins. The GUI looks very good and quick, it is easy to use with the finger, beside the small arrows hiding multiple icons. Furthermore I discovered that customization works so that we could pre configure qgis to show bigger icons (as in […]

QGIS on Android

Hi all, it is a pleasure to announce that I finally got Quantum GIS to start on an android (3.2) tablet (Asus transformer). I tested as well on a Samsung Galaxy phone with cyanogen mod 7 RC1 and it works a well (with the obvious screen size limitations). Qgis still doesnt load many elements, but […]