We often have QGIS project files that are part of a customer project. To be able to manage versions of these project files or have multiple people working on it, they are managed inside a git repository.

This is however not easy, because with every save of a project file, thousands of lines change, even if the real change is minimal. Like a change of a layer name.

Current situation

This blows up the git repository for no reason. And worse: it makes it impossible to review changes, because the signal to noise ratio is horrible.

OPENGIS.ch has just released a shiny jewel to make your life easier. The Trackable QGIS Projects plugin will automatically rewrite the saved project into a much more stable format.

Understandable changes thanks to the trackable QGIS plugin

Just download the plugin, install it and you are done. No user interface available, no configuration needed.


Fabio Spelta · 2019-04-29 at 21:47

Thank you! This is amazing.

lara · 2019-11-08 at 10:21

Do you use the QGZ or the QGS file format to version your QGIS Projects?
In case you are using QGZ: How did you configure your git config?

    mkuhn · 2019-11-09 at 08:48

    It only works with .qgs files, it’s much easier to work with these if you are tracking your files in git. In case you are forced to use .qgz, there seems to be a way too https://stackoverflow.com/a/8001900/2319028 .

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