A star is born, QGIS mobile is now QField

It is with great pleasure that we want to announce the new name for what was briefly known as QGIS mobile.

Please welcome QField for QGIS™!

After long thinking about various names and variants including QGIS mobile, QTouch, OPENGIS.ch QGIS mobile, QWork, and many more, we felt that QField represents best what we want to archive. A field data capture and management app fully compatible with QGIS™.
QField allows you to take your QGIS projects out of the office for effective field work. By maintaining QGIS’ styling and edit widgets QField greatly reduces preparation time.
QField is an Open Source project led by OPENGIS.ch LLC with the whole development happening on Github. Currently we are running an invite-only alpha testing but as soon as the app will have a bit more functionality we will widen up the testers group.
QField will be released for free on the Playstore with the possibility of donating to the project via paypal (preferred) or by buying the QField for QGIS Karma edition app.
Another way to greatly help the project is, if you need a specific feature, contact us to sponsor its development.
QField is built from ground up to be touch oriented and easy to use outside and follows the following paradigm:
● GPS centric
● QGIS desktop compatible
● Fully working when offline
● Synchronization capabilities
● Project preparation on desktop
● Few and large buttons
● Switchable use paradigm (Display, Digitizing, Measuring, Inspection,…)
QField is built using Qt5, QtQuick 2 (both are supported and suggested by Qt) and OpenGL so it is future proof and it spearheads QGIS towards Qt5.
For feature requests, please contact us
For bug reports contact us or better file an issue on Github

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    1. Matthias Kuhn

      The idea we have in mind is as with QGIS. To have a modular approach that allows to customize the application for a given use-case but at the same time offering a standard app which will be suitable for a broad range of standard applications with some customization available in the project configuration. At the moment we focus on the latter as we are not yet able to provide a stable API and a plugin mechanism but we always have modularity in mind.

  1. Terence Mothers

    Looking forward to learning how to integrate this into my current project, great job everyone at QGIS

  2. Oisin Kelly

    Hi. No doubt I’m being really stupid, but I can’t work out how to use it. QField is installed. I copy over a QGIS project (.qgs) and no matter where I put it on my phone I cannot see it when I try to open it from QField. I’ve looked at the documentation here (http://www.qfield.org/docs/user-guide/index.html) but I think the section on opening a project is yet to be written. Any help approeciated.

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