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QField app on Google Play

QField app

Thanks for your interest in QField for QGIS™,  to install QField do like any other app and install from the playstore .
Although the minimal needed android version is 4.0.3, due to an android issue you might encounter (QField issue #6) with versions lower than 4.3, we strongly suggest using at least android 4.3.
if you don’t want to use the playstore, we host the apk here. Of course, installing from our apks will not give you automatic updates. Also remember to enable unknown sources if you want to install with this method.
QField Karma edition app on Google Play

QField Karma edition app

If you bought the QField Karma edition app , we thank you a lot for your support. To Get QField you will also need to install it as explained above.
Thanks a lot for your interest in QField and “read” you soon.


Andrej · 2015-02-17 at 12:17

The price is 29, 31 € on google play … Why not 1.500 € or even better 24.999 €.

    Matthias Kuhn · 2015-02-17 at 13:04

    We thought about making it incredibly expensive and exclusive. But then we realized that
    QField is free and open source software.
    As in beer and as in speech.
    Please contact us if you would like to have access to the early alpha tester group.
    You may buy the Karma app in the play store if you want to show your support for the development of this app. Or even preferred use the donate button or sponsor a particular feature.
    Of course, if someone still insists we can make an I am rich version but the allowed price is limited to 200$ by Google.