QGIS 2.0 nightly features review

The last few weeks have been super exciting and intense in terms of QGIS development. I’ve been working a lot and sleeping little to get the latest and greatest stuff to you in the nightly packages.
Here a non exhaustive list of what is getting into this awesome package:

  • Updated to QGIS 2.0.1
  • updated the full library stack to the latest releases (including GDAL 1.10.1 -with mbtiles and spatialite 4)
  • made a simplified base GUI
  • updated the java part
  • improved stability
  • readded qt menues
  • added rendering notification in canvas
  • updated icons

Beside the whole UI and stability work, the nicest feature is probably the mbtiles support. mbtiles are raster tiles in a sqlite database and are blazing fast, have a look at it in the video below.
For now, you still need to use the QGIS installer, but i’m already working on a strategy to soon get the package in the play store, so stay tuned for more super exciting android QGIS times to come, and of course, if you or anyone you know can buy me a glass of wine I’ll be a merry coder 🙂

QGIS 2.0 nightly on android from Marco Bernasocchi on Vimeo.

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  1. terry pavlis

    great news. i just downloaded the latest but found a bug quickly that is serious. i will send you the log but the program crashes when trying ti enter a line! pretty serious bug. i think it is a issue with a timeout set if i read the log right.

  2. damien stephens

    the ui improvements are great Marco, I can now see and change symbols !
    thanks very much for your effort.
    one small issue is that once you have created categorized symbols, you cant change the symbols for individual categories as you can on the desktop version. Usually this is a double click on the individual symbol.
    again thanks for your efforts.

    1. parroyo71

      I found the same problem with my Nexus 7. Also the program quits when you try to open a KML file.

  3. Terry Pavlis

    big improvement! I can at least use the program. However, I have a weird issue. every time I hit “save” the program crashes.

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