QGIS 2.0 for android is getting there

After two very android QGIS centric weeks I’m very happy to point you to last night nightly build that includes a lot of new improvements, better stability and of course all the super cool features of the freshly released QGIS 2.0.
So, go ahead, get the installer, get the latest nightly and let me know how it goes.
There are two known issues that I’m still working on (beside python support):
– There is no styling UI, but if you load an already styled project all works nice.
– When digitizing, don’t use the enter button in the android keyboard to confirm the attributes form but just close the keyboard and use QGIS ok button.
So, enjoy it, let me know how it goes, remember it’s alpha and maybe buy me a glass of wine 🙂

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  1. Daniele

    Thank you for your commitment in this QGIS project.
    I will try the new release next days.

  2. arturo

    is the GPS connection already or will be in the future?
    i thinkk is one of the most important to collect data.

  3. luke

    This version of QGIS doesn’t asks for Ministro or any other libraries. Installer downloads only QGIS APK and can’t install QGIS

  4. Eric Boisvert

    Could not install the recommended version (it says it’s 0 Mb and problem with md5 if I try to proceed). I’m installing the nightly right now.

      1. Eric Boisvert

        That’s what I did. I had to clear the cache to proceed. I also installed nightly and it works.
        Kudos BTW. Pretty impressive.

  5. Arash

    I download nightly and install it.
    when run QGIS asks for Ministro…download and install it so.
    after run QGIS agin, asks for Qt libraries…
    but when starting download show this message :
    ministro cannot satisfy your dependencies.
    can any body help me.
    tnx in advance.

    1. Cameron

      I am having this problem now with an Acer Iconia 830. Was there a solution for this?? I have had no problems on the previous model iconia 810.

  6. florian

    Tried 2 install nightly – download reached 100% but never concluded : downloading null
    Running android 4 on Samsung tab2

  7. Alexander

    Tried on sony xperia tablet z (only nightly works) – but I can’t work:
    -qgis shutdown when opening projects (saved in version qgis2.0 on pc before)
    -qgis shutdown when editing layers, no matter if imported or new created

    1. jérôme

      Hi, i’m trying to use nightly version on Android. I made a project to easily editing a shapefile on tablet, with an UI created with QtCreator and a python script (python init function )
      The python script is working fine on PC but is not starting on Android. Is there something to install to make it work or is it not supported?

  8. jérôme

    I’ve got my response, it’s not supported for the moment. So it’s important for me to know if it’s comming soon or not?

  9. Bryan Taylor

    I installed it on a Motorola Electrify M and it seems to work fine, except that many of the menus and such are too big to display and there seems to be no way to access those hidden portions of dialogues. I’ll keep checking back in on the Android build…this is one of those super-promising data collection tools that just opens up tons of new possibilities!! Thanks!

  10. Michael

    I can’t installed on my tablet (e-ceros Revolution). “the package didn’t download correctly (md5 hash mismatch)” ,Nightly version can’t install, but qgis 7 armeabi it’s ok.
    And on my phone (BS502) qgis 2.0 run very nice.
    Thanks for the developement.

  11. Paul

    the install worked perfect on my ASUS TF701T android tablet. QGIS works fine and fast.
    still, it seems that we can not load .ECW files …
    does anybody know how to proceed ?? cause all my background maps are in .ecw format … !
    thanks in advance

  12. Sandipan Saha

    Qgis installed on Samsung galaxy tab 3 Neo.But Qgis crashing within few minutes of opening…

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