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  1. Martin

    It looks as if you mixed SIP versions: the version installed on your android device is most likely different from the one you used for the build?

  2. Aitzol

    Hi guys,
    just say thanks for your work. i have the same problem in android 4.2 but I have no idea resolving those bugs.
    thanks again!

  3. Jakub

    UPDATE please 🙂 Write few words about Your progress, when we could use python on Android.
    I have to decide – wait for Python on Android or buy Windows tablet… I like my Android tablet, but I wrote plugin in python and i need it until July

  4. Thorsten

    Hi Marco,
    just received your test post and had a look at your Android QGIS blog again to check if I missed something. Since this seems not to be the case I am wondering if you need any help on this. Not sure how 🙂 Beta testing, programming…?

  5. Thorsten

    Hi Marco,
    sorry to bother you again, but is there any update on this – positive or negative? It would really be a great feature worth a donation…
    Best regards,

  6. Thorsten

    Hi Marco,
    after 1 1/2 years: is the idea of Python support dead? I could imagine a brought interest. Hence, I am wondering if there are any fundamental technical issues. But there is Python and Kivi. I searched the web but could not find anything concerning Android+QGIS+Python that is not related to you. So I post here again (sorry for bothering).

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