New qgis for android installer

So I’m finally back on working on QGIS for android. Currently thanks to
the QGIS usergroup Switzerland and I’m porting python QGIS to
android. So stay tuned on that one.
On the side, due to a bug in the latest release of necessitas I
created a workaround version of qgis. the problem is that many people
install the latest release and miss al the menues. So today I decided to
upgrade the qgis installer and added the possibility of seamlessly
downloading the nightly builds and to clear the cache to save space on
the device. For the moment the nightly build is just the custom
workaround package but once the bug is gone I’ll restart pushing real
now I’d like to ask the translators if you can have a shot at updating
the installet strings (about 15) you can use github to edit xml and pull
request or .po files and pull request or just a plain email to me. here more infos on the translation process for the installer

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  1. Thorsten

    Hi Marco,
    Great! However, I am having problems downloading the workaround. The installer reports a size of 0KB. Can you check it?
    Thanks in advance!

      1. Thorsten

        Perfect! Thanks!
        Looking forward to the Python support 🙂 Any schedule?

  2. Anne

    Tanks! QGIS works quite ok on Samsung Galaxy S3.
    1) However, some pop-up windows appear a little too large for the screen so the OK or Cancel buttons are not visible preventing me closing the window. And I don’t seem to be able to move the window around?
    2) Is it possible to get QGIS for Android to work with self-made forms made by the means of Qt 4.7.1 and Python 2.7? The form (.ui) and Python-script (.py) works nicely in QGIS on PC in Windows 7. On SGG3 the form pops up but the Python-script is ignored. I have installed “Python3 for Android” and “SL4A” – but no success in QGIS.

  3. Anne

    Thanks for quick reply and apologize for 2). I now see that you mentioning Python in the beginning of your article. Hm, I seriously need to cut down my medication… 😉 Good luck with Python, and thanks a lot for your great work so far!

  4. Oni

    Hi, thanks for the job!!!
    For my part, everything looks great, but when I try to go to “options”, it bug and everything closes. I would like to access to this menu to reduces the icons size.

  5. Dear Marco,
    good luck for your work, I am a regular visitor and reader of this QGIS for andriod blog.
    Since I am totally new to Andrio, I am going to ask very basic questions:
    1) How can I design a custom form to update attributes of shapefile visible in QGIS on andriod?
    Kindly refer to any tutorial if you feel I need to study some source material before asking this question..
    Best Wishes

  6. Jakub

    Thanks for this port! I tested few capabilities.
    Android QGIS works fine on my 8″ 1024×768 tablet. Some of elements are too small on this display, but this is no problem.
    1) I tried latest “nightly” from this installer and i have problem with deleting strings in forms. In previous version (bug-workaround) this was fine.
    2) I noticed same problem as in issues/5063. Fresh install, reprojection on the fly working (I use EPSG:2180) Without GPS – its ok, when i connect in WGS84 – no problem; with reprojection enabled i have “lat/lon exceeded limits”.
    3) there is no way to add new column in attribute table? Field calculator only can modify existing column, no way to create new.
    4) “pl” locale – missing special chars “ę,ą” etc (encoding problem?)
    Good luck with Python! Thanks again!

  7. Roberto

    Hi Marco
    First of all I would like to thank you for your great work.
    I´m trying QGIS on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 with 4.0.4 OS. I have just installed last release (24 jan) but I´m still having problems with menus. I can show the main menu (File, Edit, View…), but when I try to access &View/Panels, nothing happens. I wold like to open GPS configuration panel.
    ¿Any ideas? Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

    1. Jim

      Nice to know that you have QGIS running on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. I have the same tablet but with Android version 4.1.1 and I have not found a way to view the menu panel. I tried to set up a QGIS.conf file in various folders to resize fonts/icons in hopes that the window would be smaller but I was unsuccessful. I also need to somehow access the GPS function. I will keep trying!

  8. Jase

    Marco & team
    Great work on QGIS to date!
    Have installed latest version (1.9) to test usability in the field. Works great for those thing I use it for, however many of the dialogue boxes are scaled off page and the app crashes when I try to open the “Options” menu (to enable GPS which is critical).
    I’m off on an extended field trip next week and was wondering if a new version will be available soon.

  9. autran

    i am working with QGIS on Galaxy Note
    Is it possible to run action as “open an image” (as in QGIS-Windows version) ?

  10. Jakub

    Any progress with Python? What is main problem with porting Python to Android-QGIS?
    I’m new in Python but I started to use it on desktop QGIS and really need to port it to my tablet 🙂

  11. tobias

    hello marco,
    will it be possible that we can include all the phyton extensions like google earth etc. ?

  12. Andrew

    I keep on getting the following error when I install QGIS from the official website and Marco’s link:
    “No QGIS data provider plugins found in:
    No vector layers can be loaded. Check your QGIS installation.”
    Please can someone help

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