So I’m finally back on working on QGIS for android. Currently thanks to
the QGIS usergroup Switzerland and I’m porting python QGIS to
android. So stay tuned on that one.
On the side, due to a bug in the latest release of necessitas I
created a workaround version of qgis. the problem is that many people
install the latest release and miss al the menues. So today I decided to
upgrade the qgis installer and added the possibility of seamlessly
downloading the nightly builds and to clear the cache to save space on
the device. For the moment the nightly build is just the custom
workaround package but once the bug is gone I’ll restart pushing real
now I’d like to ask the translators if you can have a shot at updating
the installet strings (about 15) you can use github to edit xml and pull
request or .po files and pull request or just a plain email to me. here more infos on the translation process for the installer

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