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  1. Dao Viet Nga

    This plugin looks amazing. this is what exactly i needed for my project. Thanks for your great work!
    However, i have trouble in understanding of how the raster data should be? Could you please explain for me something since i am totally new in this GIS field?
    i want to display multi variable ( power, voltage, price) over time. What i do is to create raster data for a specific time such as power at first hour, at 2nd hour, etc.. Then name those raster file as regular expression such as power-hour-1, power-hour-2, then load it into multiview. However, after i do that, nothing display in canvas.
    I am really stuck.
    Could you please give me some advice on that?
    Thanks a lot

  2. Dao Viet Nga

    Hi Marco,
    I test the data in the link above, click on check box of group data layer as well variables, but still nothing display on the timeplot canvas. Is there any additional library or plugin i should install?
    Thanks a lot,

  3. Dao Viet Nga

    Hi Marco,
    Thanks for your instruction, the data already can be display in time plot.
    There are something i not yet understand hope u can explain for me.
    I really dont understand what is time step for, like N0001, N0002. Could u plz give me example of that?
    Does one of your raster file store data at given location at given time? If so, how the program know data at given location at different time? i am really confused about this.
    Many thanks,

  4. Dao Viet Nga

    Hi Marco,
    So does it mean if i want to display 24 hours data in time plot, ,assume f my regular expression for time step is dd and time resolution is -hourly then i need to have 24 raster data named power01-hourly, power02-hourly, and so on. Is it correct?
    Thanks a lot,

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