This summer we went on tour with what turned out to be an extremely popular event: QGIS on the Road

Telling the most remarkable story of Maya the beekeeper building her honey business and fighting against seemingly hopeless challenges with the help of QGIS functionality you probably never heard of.

The Last Bee

After expanding into the mountains and showing us how she uses spatial bookmarks and live layers to manage her hives without leaving home, Maya also started a new business: with the help of the QGIS’ print layout manager, QGIS server and the Lizmap Web Client, Maya got her infrastructure ready for tourism.

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Terrible news, a killer bee swarm escaped from a laboratory in northern Italy. Maya is desperate, if the killer bee reach her hives, it’s all gone. Maybe the weather could help Maya so she modelling the speed of travel of the killer bees and animates her analysis to see if her bees are likely to survive…

And Action!

We have taken care to create subtitles for all the videos so you can comfortably read Maya’s story in your favourite language. To enable the subtitles, just click on the CC button on the player.

Features shown in this episode

  • Raster analysis using processing models
  • Animating rasters using the Timemanager plugin

Wrapping up

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We hope you enjoyed enjoyed our QGIS on the Road series and that you could learn some new tricks. Obviously this is only a fraction of the possibilities offered by the QGIS/QField Ecosystem which we know inside-out.

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