New Website Online

So, after a very succesful rainy weekend the long-standing project of a new website is finally reality. Thanks to this project I had the chance to check out with no client constrains what was out there to allow me doing what I wanted. After an in-depth review I decided to use WordPress with the customized […]

MySql World Database as YAML fixture

For Symfony application I’m developing I needed all the Region separated by continent (7 continents model). I converted the MySql World Database ( to a YAML NestedSet fixture file. I just had to make 4 minor changes to it: – rename the 3 continents that had region with the same name name (North America, South […]

migrating wordpress from gengo to wpml

A client of mine used to have a multilingual blog using the Gengo plugin, which I consider by now unfortunatly dead. Fortunately, the guys at did a great job creating a new plugin that works like a charm.

Symfony project on (bluehost) shared hosting

set up a working Symfony project (with SVN) on my bluehost shared hosting, this tutorial should work for other hosters with minor changes. What I wanted was to be able of using my account as a development server for a small group of developers that would automatically show the last revision of the SVN repository. I pushed the solution further and created on the same account two more subdomains for the staging and production server.