Well, it is a super winter and there is a lot of snow here in Switzerland and all this makes me super happy which means that my productivity increases… here you are, the last and greatest improvement for QGIS on android: a fancy zooming map tool like you know from other applications like google maps.
The tool allows for:

  • panning
  • pinch zooming
  • double tap zoom in with Center
  • twofinger tap zoom out

Furthermore I added a close button to the attribute table so that there are no blocking dialog left. The attribute table doesn’t look perfect yet, but works well (a workaround to make it look better is to force it into a dock-widget by checking “Open attribute table in dock window” under Settings->Options->General
I’ll release soon a new version and look forward to your comments and support.
and here a video:

QGIS supports now an all new touch maptool that allows panning, pinch zooming, double tap zoomWithCenter and twofinger tap zoomOut

ciao Marco


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