This summer we went on tour with what turned out to be an extremely popular event: QGIS on the Road

Telling the most remarkable story of Maya the beekeeper building her honey business and fighting against seemingly hopeless challenges with the help of QGIS functionality you probably never heard of.

Attack of the Destructor

In the last episode, Maya started to populate many beehives around her home. She has visualized and labeled them to have concise information and an easily understandable map representation of her honey production.

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After Maya realizes that many of her beehives have been infected by severe diseases she needs to act quickly to get an overview of the situation. She grabs some friends and tablets and launches QField to map the situation. After assessing the results with advanced configuration of the attribute table she is ready to choose the right measures and do a precise intervention. And of course, this precise intervention is accompanied with a visualization that is on fire.

And Action!

We have taken care to create subtitles for all the videos so you can comfortably read Maya’s story in your favourite language. To enable the subtitles, just click on the CC button on the player.

Features shown in this episode

  • Configuration of attribute form and widgets
  • Using QField to collect data in the field (including snapping)
  • Configuring the attribute table with colors and icons
  • Live layers to show animated maps

Coming Thursday on QGIS on the Road: A New Hope

After emergency response with mobile data collection, attribute table representation optimizations and live layers, Maya will go back to growing her business in the next episode. She will create links between information on different layers by using relations, she will show how to use animated charts on feature forms using the QML widget and she will be using the advanced digitizing tools to create precise geometries based on angles and distances to create an exact map based on a paper sketch.
So better stay tuned 🙂

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