GSoC 2011 weekly report #3

This week, I worked on trying to get files working, it looks like using the Android Toolchain standalone (I found in the docs how to use it cleanly) was more fruity, I started working on cross compiling GDAL and it looks not too bad. Using makefiles got me to more compile mistakes than anything […]

GSoC 2011 weekly report #2

This week I managed to crosscompile PROJ 4.7.0 and created installer scripts for it and for GEOS, which gets to the linking step. but then stops due to the absence of STL in android. diggig into the problem I discovered (I’m almost ashamed) that the NDK docs explains how to deal with that problem (big […]

GSoC 2011 weekly report #1

all, this week i leaped more int the cross compile realm. Geos almost done and started with proj4. I updated my necessitas infrastructure to necessitas v 0.2 and we decide to target android 3.0 which is optimized for tablets. I havent updated the wiki yet since i’ve been (and still am) mainly offline at the […]

GSoC 2011 weekly report #0

so the first (almost) week Is over. In this week I couldn’t do much since yesterday I finally graduated. Any how I managed to squeeze into the week some work (together with stuff I had done the previous week). I finished setting up everything and I got a first Qt test application running on android. […]