Sharing internet connection

Today, for some bizarre reasons only my android phone was connecting to a WiFi. So I decided to use it as a tethered modem. The problem was that my friend Bruno could not use the net either, so since networkmanager ad-hoc networks were not working and it is our day off climbing we decided to keep our fingers trained on the keyboard. (altro…)

QGIS Android works!

Just a quick screenshot to show that qgis on android is now a working reality. Tomorrow I’ll make a video and so on. The major missing thing now is reading shp files ad maybe spatialite… maybe tomorrow. Now it’s sunday 😉 Ciao test it now:

QGIS on Android

Hi all, it is a pleasure to announce that I finally got Quantum GIS to start on an android (3.2) tablet (Asus transformer). I tested as well on a Samsung Galaxy phone with cyanogen mod 7 RC1 and it works a well (with the obvious screen size limitations). Qgis still Read more…