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QField (for much more information refer to QField.org) allows you to take your QGIS projects out of the office for effective field work. By maintaining QGIS’ styling and edit widgets QField greatly reduces preparation time.
QField is an Open Source project led by OPENGIS.ch LLC and the source code is on github. A possibility to donate to the project can be found on the donate page (preferred) or by buying the QField for QGIS Karma edition app.
Also if you need a specific feature, contact us to sponsor its development.
QField is built from ground up to be touch oriented and easy to use outside. and follows the following paradigm:

  • GPS centric
  • QGIS desktop compatible
  • Fully working when offline
  • Synchronization capabilities
  • Project preparation on desktop
  • Few and large buttons
  • Switchable use paradigm (Display, Digitizing, Measuring, Inspection,…)

QField is built using Qt5, QtQuick 2 (both are supported and suggested by Qt) and OpenGL so it is future proof and it spearheads QGIS towards Qt5.
Since version 0.4.1,  QField does support Android 5+ (min suggested 4.3, min required 4.0.3).
For feature request, please contact us
For bug reports contact us or better file an issue on Github

Available features:

  • navigation (pan, zoom)
  • feature identification
  • attribute editing

If you have a use-case for it and would like to support its development don’t hesitate to contact us. We will happily provide you with a preview version.