QField for Android 5

It’s done, QField runs on any android from 4.0.3 (ICS) with a seamless installing experience. We suggest using at least Android 4.3

Necessitas Beta1 "breaks" qgis on android – don't update

Hi all, it has been a while since my last post, and foremost QGIS on android release. I’m very sorry. I’ve been working hard on another project (inasafe.org) that toke up all my time since we just launched version 1.0. So now to the real problem, necessitas (the android Qt port) has had a sweet […]

QGIS @ 4200m

One of the nice things of being freelance it that you can work on Sundays when the weather is horrible and get out on Tuesdays when it rocks 😉 . So Tuesday I decided to go test QGIS at high altitude and went to the Breithorn and the Pollux with my best friend for a nice winter end tour. […]

QGIS on Android using external GPS receivers

Thanks to FORNAT AG which sponsored me I could spend some time looking for solutions to make QGIS on android working with an external GPS receiver that sends NMEA strings. It all boils down to the following: via bluetooth works via USB not yet (as soon as I get more sponsoring or time I’ll look […]

QGIS on Android Phone

At FOSSGIS I was asked to try to install qgis on a very small android phone, I think it was a 3.2″ screen. the install went smoothly after making some space but then the problems came because of the small screen. Eventually I thought about setting a smaller font size to make the UI scale […]

QGIS for android alpha 7

7, my luck number… So here you are, the latest and greatest QGIS for Android. This release includes the super new pinch zoom tool, should have no blocking dialogs anymore (i fixed the attribute table) and the help->about shows now from which commit the package has been created. The packages containing armeabi and armeabi-v7a code […]

QGIS for android gets Pinch zooming

Well, it is a super winter and there is a lot of snow here in Switzerland and all this makes me super happy which means that my productivity increases… here you are, the last and greatest improvement for QGIS on android: a fancy zooming map tool like you know from other applications like google maps. […]

QGIS for android alpha 6

Hi all, release time again… happens that just couple of hours after i pushed alpha5, the necessitas framework received a new update [1] that addresses some important issues. Meanwhile I managed to compile GEOS and GDAL with armeabi-v7a optimizations [1]https://groups.google.com/d/msg/android-qt/NQCRsz92ois/C511seqSFwEJ

QGIS on android ALPHA 5

Hi all couple of days ago I pushed a new alpha version of qgis for android on android.qgis.org This release includes all the goodies that I got to implement lately including: – right click support through longClick – shape file support – gps – compass – android 4 support – partial hardware optimization for armV7a […]

QGIS on Android gets right click support

So, finally I managed to add the right click support to QGIS on android, I made a video demonstrating the current super status of QGIS on android. here you go: This addition was the last show stopper bug.