Increasing the stability of processing algorithms

Processing just got a new testing framework to improve the long-term stability of this important plugin. And you can help to improve it, even if you are not a software developer! This is yet another piece in our never-stopping crusade to

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Geometry generator symbology

Say hello to geometry generators, a new way to use expression syntax to generate a geometry on the fly during the rendering process.

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QGIS Welcome Page

Whenever you start QGIS you basically do it because? Right, because you need to do GIS work. Ah, how I love rhetorical questions to start a post. And most of the time one continues to work on a QGIS project which

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QGIS for android gets Pinch zooming

Well, it is a super winter and there is a lot of snow here in Switzerland and all this makes me super happy which means that my productivity increases… here you are, the last and greatest improvement for QGIS on

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GSoC 2011 final report

So, it is over, after 3 months working on QGIS for android as a Google Summer of code project it is now time to wrap up what I did and didn’t do. First of all a QGIS android app exists

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QGIS Android works!

Just a quick screenshot to show that qgis on android is now a working reality. Tomorrow I’ll make a video and so on. The major missing thing now is reading shp files ad maybe spatialite… maybe tomorrow. Now it’s sunday

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QGIS Android the first test map

Today I loaded the first data into qgis and although the mapcanvas stays black, in the map composer the data is shown. Here some screenshots.

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GSoC 2011 weekly report #12

See my last posts. In short I managed to get qgis packaged as an apk and to properly run with only one major problem. The map canvas is always black. I ll investigate this till Tuesday. Cheers

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QGIS data providers and map canvas

After finishing with the gui(see previous post) i started testing the data providers.reading and writing shp files always ends in an app crash. Loading rasters, wms and gpx seems to work but the mapcanvas is never drawn. I have to

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QGIS on android has complete gui and supports translations

Hi I just managed to create an apk with al the resources needed by qgis. On the first runrun the application extracts this file to the proper location a thus the gui is now complete. This means as well that

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